First Connecticut, Next the World: GMO Labeling to go Viral and other 49 States to Follow

On June 5th, the state of Connecticut has become the first to successfully enact a law requiring food containing genetically modified ingredients.

Prediction:  Every other state in the USA will follow as this goes viral.

How?  Why?

It’s simple: packaging.  If a food producer must change their packaging for Connecticut, they will offer the same packaging everywhere, and by default, every state will have GMO labeling, thereby taking away the argument against it in every state.  Other state legislatures will see this coming and attempt to show how they are supporting the public interest by voting to pass it.  All it takes is one state and then a few major food companies to start changing their packaging and WHAM, there you have it.

So what will happen next, an appeal of some type?  Will organizations like the Connecticut Food Association attempt to dispute the need for GMO labeling, or even worse, say that it will make people lose jobs as happened in California?  Their position on GMO labeling is this: “Voluntary labeling and marketing insures consumer choice and individuals who make a personal decision not to consume food containing genetically modified ingredients can easily avoid such products by buying products labeled “USDA Organic” and also this “Science tells us genetically engineered foods are safe

Again, once a major food producer is forced to redesign their packaging, the flood gates will open.

Major Food Stores in Connecticut

Map for Grocery Stores in Connecticut

List of supermarket chains in the United States

Another List of Supermarkets in the United States

In closing, we offer the inspirational words of Triumph:

For Monsanto: “You think that a little more money can buy your soul some rest, You better think something else instead, You’re so afraid of being honest with yourself, You’d better take a look inside your head”

For you: “Nothing is easy, nothing good is free, But I can tell you where to start, Take a look inside your heart, There’s an answer in your heart

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